Gary Chapman & James Stuart Bell – Love is a Flame: Stories of What Happens When Love Is Rekindled

Note: This is not a free review copy (yet I bought this for free).

This book is a compilation of stories and / or testimonies of married people. I’m not married and, having no fiancée or someone I court, I wouldn’t say that I will be in the near future. So why did I read this book? Because I see so few good examples of marriages (and parenting – even worse!) that I really want to believe that a marriage (and parenting) can work. All I see is fail, fail and fail everywhere. (If you think a mediocre marriage is fine, you’re just wrong.) As in every such book some stories are three minutes while others are fifteen to read. Also there’s a scripture and some little teaching / general conclusion we can glean from the story.

Upon reading and finishing the book, I liked it pretty much and it was a useful read yet my expectations went unfulfilled. Now a few months later I don’t like it anymore. Most of the stories were great and really encouraging – in a certain way. On the other hand, I was stunned by some people’s bad, and in many cases, outright stupid choices. I was looking for a book that wasn’t going to give me perfect marriages but marriages that that worked relatively well (and parenting too). However, almost all of the marriages (and parenting) had huge blunders and failures in them. Some people did things that I was saying to myself “These people weren’t even Christian!” So after I’ve processed the book I’ve come away with the thought: “You can’t be married (and have kids) without making many stupid choices for a long period of time.”

As I reminisce, this book will help some but discourage some. It will probably be great to those who are married but whose marriage (and parenting) has been compromised to any level. Nonetheless, tt will be horrible for those not yet married as they will get the “They messed it up so bad, I won’t be able to do better, so why bother marrying?” idea. That being said either buy the book immediately or steer clear!

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The Modern Day Pharisee

This one is worth to read 🙂

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Todd Burpo – Heaven Is For Real Movie Edition

Note: This is a free review copy

I have not read the original book so I thought it would be a great idea to request this one. It’s about a 4 year old boy, Colton who experienced heaven when he was having surgery. This is the core of the story but you get so much garnish around it. It’s set in a chronological logic and not a thematic logic, meaning you will read the events as they happened after each other, except for a few points. Of course it’s much more than the heaven element. There are other miracles and events enveloping it that are useful for you to take something away from the story.

I liked the book. It really reinforced all I already believed because of the Bible and other people who have been caught up in body or in visions into the third heaven. It’s also important to note that the story was very honest and didn’t try to hide the Burpo’s sins. It really was a page-turner at some points. I however really expected some, if not tremendous new revelation from the book. This expectation went unfulfilled for me. The part that I didn’t like was the interview with the directors/actors, etc. Some of those were okay, but most of them just recited wordly non-sense which made me read those as fast as I could. They are inarguably the weakest part of the book.

Overall I highly recommend it, but be sure to skip the last 15% of it, because that just decreases the quality of this otherwise wonderful book.

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Marilyn Hickey – The New Millenium and End-time Prophecy

Note: This is not a free review copy! I purchased this from my own money.

The title might be a little tricky as this book goes through only the book of revelation. Okay, that’s plenty of end time prophecy, I know, but it’s still not all of the end-time prophecy we find in the Bible. Each chapter in the book stands for one chapter in revelation. Every chapter is copied into the book from the Bible, and after reading that come the verses and the exposition that Marilyn highlights. The exposition provides historical, cultural, and practical information.

I liked the book. It’s somewhat harder to read and to focus on than other Christian books. I have read it twice and will probably do so again sometime in the future. Against all odds, Marilyn mixes the elements well and you get a great teaching with pieces of practical application. I also found the theology sound and balanced. It was very encouraging to read and inspired me to live a holy life.

I can only recommend the book to anyone interested in the topic! While this mayn’t have anything new compared to some other books, Marilyn’s unique teaching gift will give you a fresh look into the things discussed therein!

(I couldn’t find the amazon link for this, you will have to do your search to get a copy of this.)

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Matthew Barnett – God’s Dream for You

Note: This is a free review copy.

The title of this book sounds like a bad cliché. Really. In essence, Matthew talks to you about the dream that God has for you. His chapters are short and come out of the heart. There are teaching, preaching, testimonies and illustrations in this book. Also it’s a relatively colorful book – both literally and figuratively – which is a welcome change in the Christian publishing arena. Matthew shares the story of the Dream Center and many people whose lives were transformed because of Jesus and the Dream Center. Also there are just enough Scriptures that confirm what he is saying.

I loved this book tremendously. I don’t know why I requested this book as its title is a cliché, I guess it was God’s will for me to read this. I really enjoyed it; I laughed and I cried several times. The stories of many people were rather moving to me, someone who grew up in a relatively fine Christian home. I also liked how Matthew mixed the elements of teaching, preaching, inspiration, encouragement, testimonies and illustrations. It’s not easy to get a fine-tuned mixture of those but this one was perfect.

I highly recommend this book to anyone! Though it’s title it a cliché, it’s extremely good; one that I will surely read again at least once more.

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Dutch Sheets – The Pleasure of His Company (ebook)

Note: This is a free review copy.

In his book Dutch writes about our relationship with God and His presence. In 30 chapters and 270 pages he explains the need for our relationship and the presence of God. He also elaborates on several aspects on God’s nature and occasionally mentions other topics as well. The book is written in conversational style and has a considerable amount of word studies which truly enhance the meaning of the book. Dutch uses great illustrations; many of which come from personal experience. At the end of each chapter this is a short 1 page prayer in order to seal your commitment concerning the content of the chapter.

I loved this book tremendously. The chapters were just about the right size, and the content is easy to digest and to comprehend while it’s still profound. I’m not a big fan of literally praying words from a paper exactly as they are written, but these prayers have been really great and needed. The word studies are magnificent. I’m an avid student of the Word and yet there were plenty of new revelation. I have received a lot of “rhemas” while reading it, at least once each chapter. Overall I highly recommend this book to everyone. You won’t regret buying this one no matter the cost. It was so good I plan to read it every once in a while!

Get you copy now! : )

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Mahesh Chavda – The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting: Releasing the Awesome Power of the Praying Church

Note: This is not a free review copy. I received this as a standalone gift.
chanvda blog
In this book Chavda encourages you and explains to you the need of prayer and fasting. The book concentrates heavily on fasting, although prayer is very often mentioned and expounded also. Chavda goes on to reveal the need for fasting. Furthermore, he gives you practical help on how to fast and also lists the positive outcomes of fasting. He uses many Scriptures and numerous experiences to underpin his point. The experiences are truly exciting ones, not just everyday events that happen to anybody.

I loved this book. While I expected it to be equally centered on prayer, the lack of this was not a problem. This book keeps doctrinal balance very well. Some chapters take a little long to read, but it’s well worth to read a chapter in one setting, in its entirety. Although I consider myself relatively knowledgeable concerning prayer and fasting, there were some new or half-new things which I could glean from the book and it also encouraged me greatly to continue what I have been doing. I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of prayer and fasting. This book is great for both the new and the mature Christian. Even if you are irreproachable regarding prayer and fasting, Chavda will help you too keep up the work and not give up!

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Lester Sumrall – The Life Story of Lester Sumrall

Note: This is not a free review copy. I purchased this from my own money.
sumrall blog
As stated in the title this is the biography or rather autobiography of the author, Mr. Sumrall. It tells the story from his childhood to death, with the exception or the very last few years. It’s filled with signs, wonders and miracles. It also chronicles the case of a heavily demonized woman in 3 or 4 chapters. The chapters take about 10-15 minute to read.

Okay. This is a biography that you need to have and read it too. Words can’t describe it. It’s a lot better than a page-turner. It’s also funny at several times which will make you remember what you read much better. Also you will find that this book teaches you so much, even when teaching you is not its primary aim. Trust me you will certainly enjoy this, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy it to be frank. Be sure to get this book and read it! It also makes a great gift!

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Roberts Liardon – Final Approach

Note: This is not a free review copy. My parents purchased this once and I read it too.
liardon 2
In his book, Mr. Liardon writes about the last days. He doesn’t look at prophecies that should be fulfilled, but takes a rather practical approach on how the Christians should behave in the End Times. Although prophecies are mentioned sparsely, his focus is clearly on practical application. He provides some scriptures and goes into lengthy explanations concerning them and underscores Scripture by his experiences. They are to help the reader to do what should be done.

I liked the book. Although there was nothing new in it; no deep and profound unheard-of revelation in it, it was still good, encouraging and faith producing. I also like that fact that it’s different than so many other Christian books out there; it’s more prophetic in nature. I recommend this book to anyone who hasn’t had a chance to read from Liardon yet, and to those who look for some practical help in this End Time mess.

What other great books do you know of that will prepare us Christians for the end times?

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F. F. Bosworth: Christ the Healer

Note: This is not a free review copy. My parents purchased this once and I read it too.
bosworth blogra
This book is pretty well-known all over the world. It’s a healing evangelist’s book about divine healing. In this book, Bosworth proves by Scripture why divine healing is important and needed today just as it was back in the Old Testament and the days of the early church. He provides ample Scriptures to prove his point. Furthermore, he also supplies several experiences and testimonies that underpin divine healing.

I loved this book very much. Bosworth’ exposition is sound, not based on his opinions but solely on what is clearly written in the Bible. He doesn’t use Scripture to underscore his experiences but rather he uses experiences and testimonies to underscore Scripture; to let you see that the Bible still works today. His book is over 300 pages and not one of it is wasted, all are well-written. It’s no surprise that so many people brought this book over the passage of time. I recommend it to those who need healing and to those who would like to learn more about healing and to learn how to minister to sick and diseased people. This will give a hand with this.

This one is truly a must-have. Be sure to buy and read this one!

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