My Review Guidelines

My reviews are relatively short and concise, so that you may not be bored. Time is money, therefore I promise to keep reviews under 600 words with notes, side-notes and the title included.

If, however you find that I didn’t answer all your questions concerning a book, then don’t hesitate to leave a comment! I will do my best to help you.

I will not rate a book in stars or percentage because that’s impossible. Instead, I will simply define the sort of people to whom it is recommended.

Also I will not take into account grammatical, spelling and editorial mistakes, unless they are so rampant that they do have the potential to distract from reading.


2 Responses to My Review Guidelines

  1. Hi there. Thanks for hosting this site. Please take a look at our book, “Back to the Cross: Surprising Truths from Shanghai”. My husband and I worked on the project together after we returned to the US last year. It is now available on I like that you distinguish what is a free review copy versus one you purchased yourself to read.
    If our story resonates, please do consider telling others about it. Lastly, blessings to you as you spend your time in Hungary. Having passed through Budapest briefly many years ago, your mention of it helps me remember the place and the Christians there. Thanks!

  2. Dan Farnow says:

    I am interested in having my book “The Quest For Marriage” reviewed by you. It’s a humorous off-beat relationship guide for Christian men looking to get married. You can see the book on Amazon and other reviews. I can also give you a code to get the book free if you have a kindle. Let me know if you are interested!

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