NIV New Spirit-Filled Life Bible (Jack Hayford ed.)

Note: This is a free review copy.

For this review I read the book of Lamentations. Many of you are probably familiar with the NKJV version of this great Bible. Now it’s available in the new 2011 NIV. Yay! Although writing reviews takes some time my curiosity just overwrote my tendency to save time. So every book starts with a book introduction. I believe they are detailed as they should be but save you from filling your head with empty and useless intellectual knowledge. This is a longer study Bible and this means that there are verse-by-verse study notes. This is true for almost every verse. I read the notes and they were great overall. Of course some sounded superfluous or a little repetitive but the Bible itself is often repetitive too (which is not a bad thing!). Truth in action writings are about practical living and they are placed at the end of each book although you may navigate to them from the relevant verses. I really loved those ones they seems concise and useful. There are more than 550 words defined and when that word occurs you may navigate to the “word wealth” with a click. That’s really great and improves understanding although reading the exact same paragraph for the third time in an hour can become repetitive. Lastly, there are kingdom dynamics which are basically principles or laws of the kingdom of God. The one I read was great I hope the others are just the same! : )

It’s a highly recommended purchase; I doubt that you will be disappointed.

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