NIV Life Journey Bible (ebook)

Note: This is a free review copy.

This is a study Bible with the comments/aids of Henry Cloud and John Townsend. It’s in the new 2011 NIV translation. This is relatively short for a study Bible; its extra features are the following:
• 300 insights
• Excerpts from Cloud and Townsend’s previously published material
• 40 profiles of biblical figures
• 66 book introductions
• Key growth principles in each book of the Bible
• 20 essays and longer articles about topics such as growth, grief, relationships, etc.
There are no cross-references but there are Bible-reading plans towards the end of the book.

For this review I read 1 John. I was surprised that the book introduction was so short and that the insights were short as well. What was more intriguing is the total lack of cross-references for a study Bible. The way I see it is this: If you have read most of the works of the authors then this is just repetition in another form while if you only read a few of their books and would like to read more and at the same time being able to judge it next to the Bible then it’s a great purchase. I liked the notes as they were fine just nothing revolutionary. The Bible-reading plans in the back are great in my opinion. Also if you don’t know the authors then it would be a great introduction to their works. Recommended.

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