Bruce Olson – Bruchko

Note: This is not a free review copy.

This is a rather well known book with a quite well now author which is about his life and especially his time spent with some of Latin-Americas wildest tribes, his captivity among guerillas, etc. It’s not a full autobiography but focuses on the more important events. He basically took off into the unknown without any help/support and any appropriate knowledge/skills and yet because it was a God given vision God never failed him though he truly went through much.

I loved the book. True, there were some cases where I just couldn’t understand Bruce’s choices and I’m sure I would have chosen otherwise yet in my estimation he did pretty well. It’s really a page-turner and it’s rather exciting and all the more since it’s a true story and not a work of fiction. Without even noticing I learned a lot and was changed for the better. It’s been at since 2 years since I’ve read it and as far as I can remember it was very moving at certain times. I highly recommend this book to you as it will not only inspire you but encourage your faith to soar higher or be restored should you be somewhat backslidden.

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