Owen Strachan – Risky Gospel: Abandon Fear and Build Something Awesome

Note: This is a free review copy.

In this book Owen writes about how our Christianity should work like according to him. I thought (I guess mostly from the title) that this book was about bold evangelism but I was wrong. It’s about everything or mostly everything. Family, church, evangelism, public witness, identity, the atonement, etc.

Generally speaking I liked the book. It had some great points and we could say that it was an okay summary of the Christian life. The teaching is flawed on many points though. Owen says that we Christians are righteous then a few sentences (sometimes pages) later that we (Christians) are still sinners. This pattern repeats itself throughout his book (about 5-10 times at least). I assume that he believes that we are called righteous but are not made righteous. That’s what the devil would want you to believe. Actual quote [talking of Christians]: ‘We are not perfectly righteous.’ Yes we are. 2 Cor. 5:21. What part of this is so hard to understand? Also there are other flaws such as; actual quote: ‘For those called to it, marriage is and should be a goal’. It should never be a goal; the reason why so many mess up marriage is making it a goal… Overall this book is fine for the mature Christian who is fully able to discriminate between the wheat and the chaff by exercising his/her spiritual senses. Definitely not recommended to new Christians as it will destroy their faith on some points and fill them with not so easily noticeable false teaching.

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