Tim Walk – The Youth Pastor’s Manifesto

Note: This is not a free review copy.

This book is for youth ministry leaders and/or youth pastors. It’s a relatively short read (about a 100 pages) which is its biggest advantage. It talks about how to do youth ministry and it also encourages you. The encouragement is its beast party really; it will surely strengthen you in your call and renew your to a certain extent if you are tired. The teaching is so-so. Programs? Seriously? Since when did programs take the place of preaching the gospel and after that demonstrating (proving) it by signs and wonders (healing the sick, expelling demons, etc.)? Since never. The author also argues that most kids/teens go to a camp/meeting primarily because of their peers and not to hear to word of God or to worship Him. While that may be true (and sad that it is), the author tells you to kind of accept that and to take this into notice as you prepare your programs, preaching etc. and eventually forge this factor into your advantage. Six to ten year olds prophesy, expel demons, heal the sick (medically verified many times) etc. This should be the norm. I’m sorry but if your kids/teens come primarily because of their relationships with their peers you should make sure they come primarily for Jesus and not forge this into some kind of advantage… (I wonder how can you forge something totally bad into an advantage though?) Aside from these (and many other false teaching) this book has some great teaching too but unfortunately provides no fresh revelation meaning you could get this from most books written to youth leaders/pastors.

Therefore I would recommend it to the mature Christian. One who is able to spiritually discern everything. Young or not mature Christians really shouldn’t read this as they might not be able to discriminate the wheat from the chaff (the latter which rears its ugly head fairly often is this book. :()

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