Reggie Anderson – 30 Daily Appointments with Heaven (ebook)

Note: This is not a free review copy but a free purchase.

Back in the days I didn’t have a huge appreciation for devotionals, the reason being that it’s hard to expound scripture in-depth in only a few minutes. But that assumption of mine was partially proved wrong so now I read devotionals every day. This one is about heaven and the afterlife. The author shares mostly his own stories of how he experienced heaven. There is really everything all the way from the good to the bad stuff. At the end of each reading there is a prayer which you should pray.

I liked the book. It provides encouragement and helps you to focus on heaven. It’s important to look forward to our heavenly home and when we do, it’s much easier to live the Christian life. I really liked the stories/testimonies as they were very honest. There were some minor points though which were flawed – maybe they just weren’t communicated/expressed well. Overall I highly recommend this devotional!

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