Steven James – Story: Recapture the Mystery

Note: This is not a free review copy; I got this from my own money.

Steven James writes in conversational style and with poetry and thought-provoking mechanisms about creation, the fall, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and a variety of other topics. The chapters are relatively short and even if you are busy you could easily read 2-3 every day. I guess what he really aims at is to get you thinking and thus change you. The emphasis of this book is not so much on theology or teaching.

I liked the book. As a Bible teacher it’s hard for me not to view everything (and literally everything) from a theological/teaching point of view. If you manage to understand that this book’s goal isn’t to give you some teaching, or some “what-to-do” or “how-to-do” then you will have a wonderful time reading it. I really liked the poetry and the thought-provoking parts. Sometimes those can change you more than a teaching and they certainly did change me (positively).

I highly recommend this book to believers and unbelievers alike.

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