Marilyn Hickey – The New Millenium and End-time Prophecy

Note: This is not a free review copy! I purchased this from my own money.

The title might be a little tricky as this book goes through only the book of revelation. Okay, that’s plenty of end time prophecy, I know, but it’s still not all of the end-time prophecy we find in the Bible. Each chapter in the book stands for one chapter in revelation. Every chapter is copied into the book from the Bible, and after reading that come the verses and the exposition that Marilyn highlights. The exposition provides historical, cultural, and practical information.

I liked the book. It’s somewhat harder to read and to focus on than other Christian books. I have read it twice and will probably do so again sometime in the future. Against all odds, Marilyn mixes the elements well and you get a great teaching with pieces of practical application. I also found the theology sound and balanced. It was very encouraging to read and inspired me to live a holy life.

I can only recommend the book to anyone interested in the topic! While this mayn’t have anything new compared to some other books, Marilyn’s unique teaching gift will give you a fresh look into the things discussed therein!

(I couldn’t find the amazon link for this, you will have to do your search to get a copy of this.)

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