Matthew Barnett – God’s Dream for You

Note: This is a free review copy.

The title of this book sounds like a bad cliché. Really. In essence, Matthew talks to you about the dream that God has for you. His chapters are short and come out of the heart. There are teaching, preaching, testimonies and illustrations in this book. Also it’s a relatively colorful book – both literally and figuratively – which is a welcome change in the Christian publishing arena. Matthew shares the story of the Dream Center and many people whose lives were transformed because of Jesus and the Dream Center. Also there are just enough Scriptures that confirm what he is saying.

I loved this book tremendously. I don’t know why I requested this book as its title is a cliché, I guess it was God’s will for me to read this. I really enjoyed it; I laughed and I cried several times. The stories of many people were rather moving to me, someone who grew up in a relatively fine Christian home. I also liked how Matthew mixed the elements of teaching, preaching, inspiration, encouragement, testimonies and illustrations. It’s not easy to get a fine-tuned mixture of those but this one was perfect.

I highly recommend this book to anyone! Though it’s title it a cliché, it’s extremely good; one that I will surely read again at least once more.

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