Dutch Sheets – The Pleasure of His Company (ebook)

Note: This is a free review copy.

In his book Dutch writes about our relationship with God and His presence. In 30 chapters and 270 pages he explains the need for our relationship and the presence of God. He also elaborates on several aspects on God’s nature and occasionally mentions other topics as well. The book is written in conversational style and has a considerable amount of word studies which truly enhance the meaning of the book. Dutch uses great illustrations; many of which come from personal experience. At the end of each chapter this is a short 1 page prayer in order to seal your commitment concerning the content of the chapter.

I loved this book tremendously. The chapters were just about the right size, and the content is easy to digest and to comprehend while it’s still profound. I’m not a big fan of literally praying words from a paper exactly as they are written, but these prayers have been really great and needed. The word studies are magnificent. I’m an avid student of the Word and yet there were plenty of new revelation. I have received a lot of “rhemas” while reading it, at least once each chapter. Overall I highly recommend this book to everyone. You won’t regret buying this one no matter the cost. It was so good I plan to read it every once in a while!

Get you copy now! : )

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