Mahesh Chavda – The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting: Releasing the Awesome Power of the Praying Church

Note: This is not a free review copy. I received this as a standalone gift.
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In this book Chavda encourages you and explains to you the need of prayer and fasting. The book concentrates heavily on fasting, although prayer is very often mentioned and expounded also. Chavda goes on to reveal the need for fasting. Furthermore, he gives you practical help on how to fast and also lists the positive outcomes of fasting. He uses many Scriptures and numerous experiences to underpin his point. The experiences are truly exciting ones, not just everyday events that happen to anybody.

I loved this book. While I expected it to be equally centered on prayer, the lack of this was not a problem. This book keeps doctrinal balance very well. Some chapters take a little long to read, but it’s well worth to read a chapter in one setting, in its entirety. Although I consider myself relatively knowledgeable concerning prayer and fasting, there were some new or half-new things which I could glean from the book and it also encouraged me greatly to continue what I have been doing. I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of prayer and fasting. This book is great for both the new and the mature Christian. Even if you are irreproachable regarding prayer and fasting, Chavda will help you too keep up the work and not give up!

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