Roberts Liardon – Final Approach

Note: This is not a free review copy. My parents purchased this once and I read it too.
liardon 2
In his book, Mr. Liardon writes about the last days. He doesn’t look at prophecies that should be fulfilled, but takes a rather practical approach on how the Christians should behave in the End Times. Although prophecies are mentioned sparsely, his focus is clearly on practical application. He provides some scriptures and goes into lengthy explanations concerning them and underscores Scripture by his experiences. They are to help the reader to do what should be done.

I liked the book. Although there was nothing new in it; no deep and profound unheard-of revelation in it, it was still good, encouraging and faith producing. I also like that fact that it’s different than so many other Christian books out there; it’s more prophetic in nature. I recommend this book to anyone who hasn’t had a chance to read from Liardon yet, and to those who look for some practical help in this End Time mess.

What other great books do you know of that will prepare us Christians for the end times?

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