F. F. Bosworth: Christ the Healer

Note: This is not a free review copy. My parents purchased this once and I read it too.
bosworth blogra
This book is pretty well-known all over the world. It’s a healing evangelist’s book about divine healing. In this book, Bosworth proves by Scripture why divine healing is important and needed today just as it was back in the Old Testament and the days of the early church. He provides ample Scriptures to prove his point. Furthermore, he also supplies several experiences and testimonies that underpin divine healing.

I loved this book very much. Bosworth’ exposition is sound, not based on his opinions but solely on what is clearly written in the Bible. He doesn’t use Scripture to underscore his experiences but rather he uses experiences and testimonies to underscore Scripture; to let you see that the Bible still works today. His book is over 300 pages and not one of it is wasted, all are well-written. It’s no surprise that so many people brought this book over the passage of time. I recommend it to those who need healing and to those who would like to learn more about healing and to learn how to minister to sick and diseased people. This will give a hand with this.

This one is truly a must-have. Be sure to buy and read this one!

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