Kevin Leman – The Firstborn Advantage

Note: This is not a free review copy. I purchased this from my own money.
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When I bought this book, I thought it would give Biblical and spiritual knowledge concerning firstborns, and especially concerning the blessing of the firstborn. Boy, was I wrong. There are about 5 Bible verses in this 300 page book. This book is of purely psychological value. Leman evaluates typical characteristics (both strengths and weaknesses) of firstborns and only children. He goes on to offer practical advice concerning what to change and how to change if you are one. He also adds examples of his practice to illustrate his point and transformed lives.

Although I expected something totally different, being an only child, I loved the book. I benefited from it so much. I recognized myself in several aspects that Leman shared. A certain amount of this book is repetition, yet that’s ok since that’s how we learn better. If you are a firstborn or an only child this will help you greatly as there are many common characteristics. Of course there are exceptions, but after reading Leman’s book I can confirm by experience that what he has written stands true most of the time for firstborns and only children. You will be surprised how good this book really is!

Are you a firstborn or an only child? What are the special characteristics in you that you attribute to this fact?

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