Kenneth E. Hagin – Love: The Way to Victory

Note: this is not a free review copy. My parents purchased this some years ago and I read it to. Although I read the Hungarian version, rest assured the English is the same.

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This book is about love. Even many Christians – who should know better – have a false image, a false definition of love. This book deals with the greatest of the 3 great Christian virtues. Kenneth Hagin employs lot of scriptures concerning love and expounds them. As usual he also provides you with ample true stories which help you to see the truth clearly and to that what the Bible and he says in effect works. Hagin not only explains what love is, but he gives you the practical application to live it out in your life. You may have to read the book more times until it becomes natural for you though.

I loved this book. It is scripturally sound and provides real, practical help on how to live out that which the Bible teaches about love. The stories are phenomenal, sometimes funny as well and demonstrate the truths contained in this book rather well. The only con of this book is the long chapters. I had to read one chapter for about 45-50 minutes and the other are not much ‘better’ in this regard. So be prepared that you will have to take breaks during chapters unless you have a lot of time on your hands.

I recommend this one to everyone. The reason for that is because we can (and thus should) all improve in this probably. Even if you have heard/read great teachings on love in the past, reading the same thing from someone else’s pen can prove to be a great blessing. You should get this one for sure!

Have you any questions regarding this book?

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