William Backus – The Good News About Worry

Note: This is not a free review copy. I purchased this from my own money.


This book is written by a psychologist and deals with the problem of mostly anxiety, but it has advices that are useful for worry and fear as well. This is a 200 page book. This means that there are probably a lot more books out there which are more detailed on these subjects. This book however provides practical Biblical application on how to overcome these things. The author provides several stories of his practice about different people dealing with anxiety and such, and overcoming it. Its aim is also that you may think about your anxiety in a ‘healthy’ way.

I liked the book but didn’t love it. It had a few (yet not that important) parts which I just can’t agree with and which I see theologically different, but I may be wrong in this case. Overall I’m thankful for the practical application that’s in this book. Much of it will probably be obvious to you as well, but there will be quite a few pieces of which I didn’t think prior to reading this book. The author is a Reformed Christian. This being said, he completely leaves out the possibility of demonic oppression in such cases. He doesn’t say a word about that possibility, but he should since these things can have spiritual causes and not just psychological. Overall I recommend this book to anyone who wants to deal with a little or with a lot of anxiety, worry or fear. This will certainly help you gain the upper hand. However if your problem is purely spiritual and not 1% psychological then this book is of no use to you.

Tell us about your experiences with anxiety and worry! What ways can you suggest to those facing them right now?

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