James Lund and Peb Jackson – A Dangerous Faith: True Stories of Answering the Call to Adventure

Note: This is not a free review copy. I purchased this from my own money.

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This book is a collection of testimonies or true stories of what happened to some wonderful people. There are altogether 10 stories in this book. Reading one will take you about 30-45 minutes. These stories are mostly related to sports that have a high risk of danger. You will find examples of extreme diving, mountain hiking, etc. It also contains a short story of Bruce Olson and someone with a dangerous faith in relation to military service and others. As you can imagine, these true accounts thus are filled with action and suspense. Also there are some parts which are highly likely to make people cry.

I liked this book. It taught me (sometimes unnoticeably) without reading scriptures and their interpretations. One thing that was a problem for me is the length of the chapters. I hate to leave chapters unfinished and thus these were sort of a hindrance to me. Nonetheless, this book was filled with action and suspense, but in a good, heavenly sense. It proved to me on many accounts that no matter how the situation looks like, God is still fully in control. It was inspiring and encouraging. I was moved to tears a few times during reading this book.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read some true accounts of action and some true miracles. I recommend this book to anyone who wants some first class inspiration and encouragement, not just Christians.

Do you have a testimony where in your Christian faith you had to answer the call to adventure? What happened? Let us know!

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