Henry Morris – The Remarkable Record of Job

Note: This is not a free review copy. My parents bought this some years earlier, and I have read it as well. Although I’ve read the Hungarian version, rest assured the English is exactly the same.

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In this book Henry Morris expounds the book of Job, which is the first book of the Bible concerning the date of its authorship. (The events of Genesis, etc. happened earlier but were recorded later than the book of Job). This book is of average length – 150 pages. Chapters are well divided into 9 parts. Henry Morris explains the purpose of the book of Job. He comes with arguments and interpretations that offer a truly fresh look at this book. Oftentimes he lists the rather advanced scientific discoveries of that era, even going as far as mentioning a possible reference in the book to radio waves. What’s further is that he provides you with an explanation for dinosaurs – a very contradictory subject.

Job is one of my favorite books in the Bible…. I liked this book a lot, but it was kind of ‘weird’. The interpretations are great, and since Morris is an evangelical Christian, while I’m a charismatic Christian, this book opened my eyes in many ways having been used to the interpretations of other charismatic Christians. I liked the scientific explanations a lot, they are very interesting and they show the magnificence and omnipotence of our God. It is written in a clear understandable manner. It’s important to note that when the author comes to sharing his own opinions, own views, own interpretations, he doesn’t force them on you, but clearly uses the words ‘may, maybe, could be, etc.’ Another great thing is that, while many people go into useless and hard-to-understand discussion about science and the origins of a book, etc, this book keep these to a fair amount. I lack only one thing: not enough practical knowledge to apply. There is some but I guess you know that as a charismatic Christian I put emphasis on ‘What do I do?’ not on ‘What do I know?’ There is practical application, I just really wish there was more of it. Anyway, this book will certainly expand your vision. And sometimes that’s more than enough!

I recommend this book to Christians or anyone else who is simply intrigued by the meaning of the Book of Job and wants to read an understanding of it in a simple, clear manner. Also I recommend this book if you want your vision to be increased and if you want to see how great our God really is. If all that you want is to get to know ‘how to cast out demons, how to break generational curses, how witness effectively, etc…’ than this book is not for you, as there are literally thousands other books which are replete with practical application compared to this book.

What other great books have you read on the message of Job? Will you get this book? Why ye? Why not? Leave a comment 🙂

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