David Wilkerson – Twelve Angels From Hell

Note: This is not a free review copy. My parents bought this some 20 years earlier, and I have read it as well. Although I’ve read the Hungarian version, rest assured the English is exactly the same.

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In this average-length book Wilkerson chronicles the life of 12 young peoples who were addicted to drugs, but somehow got into connection with Teen Challenge. This book describes not only the glorious aftermath but also the days when these teenagers lived on drugs and also those days, when they were already fighting the addiction, but with mild success. It shows how Teen Challenge (and through this organization Jesus) helped these young people change their older way of life and change it for a brand new one in Christ.

I kind of like this book but certainly didn’t love it. It portrays drug addiction in its true reality describing in detail what these teens were doing when they were on drugs. In my opinion too much attention and pages are given to their old lifestyle and compared to that only a little glory to Christ. Rest assured this book glorifies Jesus, just not as much as it could have glorified Him. Also I make sure to read books slowly to understand everything. However, this book contained so many characters that sometimes I just lost track of things and forgot what a character that I was reading about at that was doing a chapter or two back. Also somehow the characters were hard to remember or follow. Even in spite of that, it’s a good book, encouraging and uplifting. It will show you that there is hope and salvation in Christ Jesus even for the most miserable people on earth. This book is fine but you will likely come away from it with a sense of ‘Something’s missing!’ This book has so much more potential that could have been exploited well.

I recommend this book to people who are already Christians, but are struggling to overcome drug addiction. I recommend this to anyone contemplating the use of drugs. I recommend it to anyone who wants to minister to drug addicts, and especially teens and youths at that. I recommend it to anyone who may not be a drug addict but think that his/her situation is hopeless and that things are never going to change.

Did Jesus deliver you from a drug addiction? Are you seeking relief from drug addiction? We would be glad to hear about you in the comments section!

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