Burton W. Seavey – Why Doesn’t God Heal Me?

Note: This is not a free review copy. I bought this one from my own money. This was released in 1978 so it’s not that easy to get, at least it’s hard to get one that’s brand new.

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In His first book Seavey deals with divine healing. First of all Seavey proves the ground for healing from scripture and emphasizes its importance for today. Being a man through whom God brought about tens of thousands of healing miracles and healings, he knows what he is talking about. More important than that, He goes on to list and expound the potential causes for not experiencing healing. He writes extensively about 10-12 causes that can block the manifestation of healing in our bodies.

I loved this book. Seavey argues reasonable, logically from the Scriptures. Although it’s an older book I found a few pieces of new revelation in it. Those causes that he explains as factors that can block your healing are all scriptural reasons which indeed are capable of blocking your healing. He doesn’t just talk into thin air, but underscores His statements with scripture. I have not found any theological mistakes in this great book (though I’ve read a few parts of it twice). [One thing though: He doesn’t mention (and thus doesn’t expound) generational curses as a cause of sickness. I think this should have been included since I and many people of God more mighty than I (e.g.: Derek Prince, Marilyn Hickey, etc…) have thoroughly experienced that when curses are broken many get instantly healed without any prayer or anything else for that matter.] Yet you can brush up on your knowledge on this topic from other great authors. So, overall this book will help you a lot if you are in need of healing. His explanations are about the right size – not too short, nor too long.

I recommend this book to every Christian. It’s also foundational the unbeliever who isn’t convinced that God not only can, but wants to heal him/her. If you have not received your healing, then this book contains a great action plan of what to do. You will probably find the cause in here. It’s also recommended for those who are in healing ministry of any sort (whether that means just praying for people at work, home, etc.). If you are, this will help you to evaluate with the Holy Spirit’s help why other people have not received their healing. After reading this book you will not be shocked anymore about the high percentage of Christians that are sick.

Did God ever say something to you which you did and then you received your hearing? We would be glad to hear it! 🙂


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