Eddie and Alice Smith – Spiritual Housecleaning

Note: This is not a free review copy. I bought this one from my own money. Although I’ve read the Hungarian version, don’t be afraid, the English is exactly the same.

eddie alice (blog)

This one not a very long book (about 120 pages), but you will read certain part of it multiple times. The book’s title describes its content pretty well. It’s about understanding why it’s important not to have any sinful/ungodly items in your possession. It not only lays down the things in general, but it also contains lists that will help you evaluate whether an item is fine or not. This book is firmly grounded in scripture. The Smith couple argues that it’s vital to get rid of these items. A good example for this, which they also use in the book among many others, is the story of Achan (or Achar at other places in the Bible). Along with scripture the authors provide you with illustrations and their own experiences. (They spiritually housecleaned at least a few hundred houses as I can guess from their book.)

I liked this book very much. It’s simple and practical. It’s very Bible-based. The experiences give further credit to this book’s importance. This is one book which I found to be perfect theologically (I read it twice!).

A HUGE side-note that I’m pressed to make:  The only exception to this is that the authors say that we should pray about keeping crosses and crucifixes. (Note they don’t say that you have to get rid of them.) They substantiate this with the ‘fact’ that the cross represents a point a weakness, a reality that existed for a few hours, and that we should concentrate on the resurrection now.  I however believe, according with Vine’s Expository, Rony Chavez, etc. that the cross was a single vertical tree, with no horizontal extension whatsoever. The Greek word ‘stauros’ confirms this theory. To be honest with you there is only a very small chance that Jesus was crucified on a cross as we know it today. The cross which we are familiar with today has been a pagan symbol of those cultures which followed the Babylonian mystery religion even before the death of Christ. Since Catholicism originated from that we can easily know why we use the cross as a symbol of Christianity. The reason that you should get rid of crossed then, is the fact that they are symbols of pagan religions and, more likely than not, this is not a cross on which our Lord and Savior was crucified. (this might take up 2-3 pages in the book.)

This side-note aside this is a great book. Eventually I had done most of what this teaches before I even had the chance to read it, and experienced the blessing that was blocked because of my still possessing these items. (Sorry if I mixed up the tenses in this one.)

I highly recommend this book to any Christian. Many of you will be surprised and say sometimes: ‘Even that should go?’ But after you have obeyed God’s word you will experience its blessings. If you don’t believe this thing matters at all then I recommend this book to you, as it will clearly prove to you from scripture and experiences that this is no small deal.

Have you any questions? Don’t hesitate to use the form below! How have you experienced blessing when you got rid of some items the Lord told you to? Tell us about it, so we may rejoice with you (Rom 12:15)!

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