Brother Yun – The Heavenly Man

Note: This is not a free review copy. I have bought this one from my own money. Although I’ve read the Hungarian version, rest assured the English is exactly the same.

brother yun (blogra) 

This book contains the remarkable adventures of brother Yun, a Chinese Christian. These 400 pages make a great biography. Brother Yun shares His experiences of conversion as teenager and all that He had to endure for Christ in the decades that followed. This book contains some things that many of us will likely never have to face, praise God. This book contains some truly heart-smothering experiences, yet it also speaks of better times. It also grants you a look into the revival that took place in China and the resistance of the Chinese communist state that they put up against Christians.

I liked this book a lot. Usually I read books at a slow pace, wanting to understand everything, but this was so exciting, so moving,  so inspiring, that I rushed reading it a little bit. I’m not very emotional yet many of Brother Yun’s experiences moved me to tears when I read them. This book will certainly motivate you. One thing that it is truly capable of accomplishing is being all the more thankful for the things we have, and not looking at things we don’t have. This book will certainly challenge you to endure the increased rate of heartbeat and the sweaty palms, etc. that may come on you when witnessing to your co-worker or family, knowing that these can’t be compared to the physical and psychological torture this man (and his family) went through, and many other Christians go through today.

I highly recommend this book for every Christian. It will motivate you, inspire you and teach you even when you don’t realize. It also might be a great gift to unbelievers since the storyline is very interesting and exciting. Even if you have read a lot of biographies/autobiographies this is most certainly one of the best.

Will you get and read this book? Why yes? Why not?

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